Meaneor Women’s Turtleneck Long Sleev…

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kona2000 I love the Laura Scott Women's long sleeve turtleneck. The fabric is soft against your skin and holds up well after washing. The sleeves are actually long enough for me (which can be a problem!), and I love having a cuff rather than the straight sleeve that most turtlenecks seem to have now days. The cuff keeps out the cold air better and if I want to push the sleeves up for some reason they stay put better than the straight sleeves do. The neck holds it's shape and fits my neck well without choking me. The colors are great (particularly the purple color and the green)! I bought one of about every color they come in. They are also an excellent value for the money!! Really, I have nothing negative to say about this turtleneck--please don't change anything and if anything, just add some additional color choices for next season.


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Meaneor Women’s Turtleneck Long Sleev…

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