Danskin Women’s Ankle Legging


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Bennie I have many pairs of these leggings there are no better leggings then Danskin Supplex Leggings.

Danskin Fan from the North I own 4 pairs of the supplex tights becuse I wear them everyday. Going out for a casual evening, around the house, jogging, walking, skating and I have used them as PJ's. I hope Danskin never discontinues these leggings they are the greatess. The only leggings I have found that are tight for support but won't show off your undies.

Danskin Fan of Canada I wear these supplex leggings every day. After work for relaxing, walking, around the house for comfort and never leave home without them. I have a few pairs now but the image attached is a pair that is 12 years old & they're almost like new even after many washing.

Barb Healy I wear these supplex leggings every day. After work for relaxing, walking, around the house for comfort and never leave home without them. I have a few pairs now but the image attached is a pair that is 12 years old & they're almost like new even after many washing.

Sparkie I love these leggings. I bought both style 1562 and 1561. Both are great! I was a little concerned about the material as there is no cotton in it and they might not be as comfortable… I had some cotton black leggings that I wear all the time when I’m at home. I love them! But they fade after washes even with extreme care (using dark woollite, cold water and hang dry). These Supplex/Lycra legging are very comfortable; they also hold and lift quite well, and they don’t fade! They are thick enough that you don’t need to worry your panties would see through. Ever since I bought these, I retired my cotton leggings… I can’t live without them. I wear them almost all the time outside of work environment. I bring them with me when I travel. Personally I like the ankle length better, as I like the long length and it keeps me warm on chilly days. But I like the Capri (1561) too; I wear it on hot days with tunic. I would recommend you buy both. I’m 5’8, 130lb, wear size 4/6 and medium pants. These fits me well. The legging is matt black, has no shine in it. Perfect for casual dressing. I work out with them too, aerobics, yoga… you name it. I've told all my friends that they should own a pair of these leggings.

Suzy Diamond I simply adore these leggings! I cannot live without them. My body has never looked better in anything and they are so comfortable! I even bought my mother a pair and even though she was nervous to put on leggings, she was thrilled with the outcome! She loves them too! I will never be without these leggings. Hopefully Danskin will never discontinue them!

LI Runner I run in these leggings about 5 times a week. I have accumulated 6 pairs in the last 5 years and although they all wear extremely well and wash wonderfully (air dry only in my opinion) they are very high waisted. I am used to low rise jeans and low rise underwear and when I put these on they sit right on or slightly above my belly button; my stomach is not flat but I definitely dont have alot of extra up there either. I love the leggings and if I was not so self conscious I would wear them with a big sweater or sweatshirt or under a skirt but I better do more running before I do that.

Relieved and thrilled I started wearing Danskins even more after knee replacements and find they have become my trademark and my knees feel better in them .

Now that i have retired ,hardly a day goes by that I dont wear them.They are a Godsend, i wish that my favorite store would carry them again,

I was afraid that you had quit making them when the workout danskins appeared with the little pocket,trademark.and drawstring waistband.They were not at all appropriate for my various uses and certainly not as comfortable,but i was desperate. Now I have found my leggins again I will be a loyal customer.(I must admit I gave the drawstring pants to charity)

Leggy Lady I got these leggings to replace my second pair of black leggings that fell apart since August. I like the look of leggings with long shirts or dresses and wear them often but that means a lot of washing. The other leggings I had just fell apart. I went into my local ballet clothing and shoe store and asked them for a thick pair of leggings that would be warm for winter and they directed me to these leggings. They are so comfortable and quite thick. Still, today it was cold and VERY windy here in Boston and I did feel a little chill. I got online today to see what other colors they had and buy more. They have lasted me a month so far of washing and wearing and have not stretched out or warped or lost the nice fit. I am about to buy two more pairs!

Mel, the Leggings Lady I have been wearing Danskin's supplex leggings for years now, and loving them! They are comfortable because they are lightweight and move with you, but retain their original shape. They outlast competitor's leggings in durability, so I am shopping for new ones less frequently, which is a definite plus. I can always count on the same fit every time I purchase them -- they are consistently perfect each and every time!


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Danskin Women’s Ankle Legging

Danskin women's ankle legging
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